Implementation and Evaluation Working Group

Page last updated: 25 January 2018

This working group has now ceased.

The Implementation and Evaluation Working Group will work with the HFP working groups to ensure coordination and alignment of implementation monitoring an devaluation activities. The specific work plan for this group will be determined in part by the activity of the other working groups.

Overarching Principles and a program logic will be developed, which guide and reflect all work conducted under the Healthy Food Partnership.


  • Michael Moore (Chair)
  • Rebecca Boustead (Co-chair)
  • Jen Savenake
  • Monique Cashion
  • Lynne Cobiac
  • Alexandra Jones
  • Alice Knight
  • Judy Seal

The Healthy Food Partnership Implementation and Evaluation Working Group has developed an overarching “Master” Program Logic which incorporates all Healthy Food Partnership activities. This document is a work in progress and will be updated as required.

A program logic model is a tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of a program. They can also be used to support planning and implementation. In simple terms, a program logic model is a ‘picture’ of what a project or program will do, and what this is expected to lead to. The logic model links short-, medium- and long-term program outcomes with program outputs and inputs, while articulating the assumptions of the program.