National mental health strategy

The National mental health strategy is a commitment by Australian governments to improve the lives of people with a mental illness.

Page last updated: 17 April 2014

Page last reviewed: 19 August 2014

The strategy was endorsed in April 1992 by the then Australian Health Ministers' Conference (AHMC) as a framework to guide mental health reform. The National mental health strategy aims to:
  • Promote the mental health of the Australian community
  • Where possible, prevent the development of mental disorder
  • Reduce the impact of mental disorders on individuals, families and the community
  • Assure the rights of people with mental illness.
The strategy includes: The strategy has been reaffirmed by the health ministers a number of times since 1992. In 1998 the Second mental health plan was developed, and in 2003 the National mental health plan 2003-2008 was endorsed. Most recently, the 1992 National mental health policy was revised in 2008 and the Fourth national mental health plan was released in November 2009. The Mental health statement of rights and responsibilities was revised in 2012.