Medicare Statistics: Rolling 12-month Time Series

July 2009 to June 2010 Onwards

Page last updated: 01 September 2020

Public Release of Medicare Statistics: Rolling 12 Months

Reporting figures on a rolling 12-month basis allows for comparisons of trends between the same periods across years, while still correcting for seasonal variations and the timing of public holidays. Essentially, the new report uses the running total of the values of the last 12 months and highlights any trends in growth, flattening or decline.

The rolling 12-month time series is available by Broad Type of Service by State and Modified Monash. This will facilitate trend monitoring for Medicare services, benefits, the bulk billing rate and average out-of-pocket costs for patient billed services,

Changes to Medicare Statistics

Medicare statistics are now based on the patient’s geocoded Medicare enrolment address rather than the patient’s enrolment postcode. The availability of geocoded patient information substantially increases the accuracy of Medicare statistics. There may be minor changes to the figures published over the course of the current financial year as geospatial information is updated. National figures will remain unchanged.

For more information view the Changes in MBS Statistics report on the Departments website.


Rolling 12-month Time Series – July 2009 to June 2010 onwards (Excel 1587 KB)

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