Wound Management Working Group of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

Information about the Wound Management Working Group – MBS item range, membership and meeting dates.

Page last updated: 14 May 2019

MBS item range
Meeting dates

MBS item range

Total - 13 MBS Items
Category 3: Therapeutic Procedures

  • Group T8 – Surgical operations
    • Subgroup 1 – General
      30023-30068 (13 Items)


  • Dr Simon Torvaldsen (Chair) – General Practitioner, Perth; Member of the General Surgery Clinical Committee
  • Dr Stephen Yelland – General Practitioner, Gold Coast
  • Dr Dan Kennedy - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in private/public practice Brisbane; Member of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinical Committee
  • A/Prof Peter Thursby OAM - Vascular Surgeon (Retired); Surgical lecturer and Examiner, Concord Hospital, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney; Member of the Vascular Surgery Clinical Committee
  • Dr Jenny Prentice – Nurse Consultant, Perth; Editor, World Council of Enterostomal Therapists Journal
  • Deb Garvey - Nurse Practitioner in private practice, rural Vic
  • Terrie Ivanhoe – Nurse Practitioner; Chronic Disease Coordinator, Nganampa Health Council, NT
  • Natalie Cooper – Community Pharmacist; Associate Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, University of Tasmania
  • Professor Anthony Lawler - Emergency Medicine Specialist; Chief Medical Officer in Tasmania and regulator of service providers; Co-Chair of the Specialist and Consultant Physician Consultation Clinical Committee
  • Alison Marcus – Consumer; Member of the Colorectal Surgery Clinical Committee; Member of the Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Committee
  • Dr Tammy Kimpton - General Practitioner, rural NSW; MBS review Taskforce ex-officio

Meeting dates