Consultations - Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

Consultation with stakeholders, including consumers of MBS services, is key to the work of the MBS Review Taskforce.

Page last updated: 05 February 2019

Stakeholders are welcome to make a submission on any aspect of the work of the Taskforce by emailing the Taskforce at [email protected]

Why we want your input

Stakeholder input has been critical in shaping the MBS Review to date and it is integral to the processes established by the Taskforce. Consultation provides the Australian public, health professionals, health consumers and any other interested person, with the opportunity to comment on recommendations proposed by the Taskforce.

All feedback on the MBS Review is welcome and can be addressed to the Taskforce at [email protected]

How it works

Step 1: Draft recommendations in the form of reports are released on the website to enable stakeholders to provide feedback to the Taskforce.

Step 2: The Taskforce reviews the stakeholder feedback and requests the relevant clinical committee to assess the comments received. The clinical committee decides whether any changes to recommendations are required, before presenting the final report to the Taskforce.

Step 3: The Taskforce considers the feedback from the relevant clinical committee, as well as comments provided during the consultation process.

Step 4: The Taskforce determines whether to endorse the report for consideration by the Government.

Taskforce reports for consultation

Please find links below to the reports that are currently open for consultation and the reports that have now closed for consultation: