Specialist and Consultant Physician Consultations Committee of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

Information about the Specialist and Consultant Physician Consultations Committee – MBS item range, membership and meeting dates.

Page last updated: 30 May 2018

MBS item range
Meeting dates

MBS item range

Total – 112 MBS Items
Category 1 – Professional Attendances

  • Group A3 – Specialist attendances to which no other item applies
    99 – 117 (10 items)
  • Group A4 – Consultant Physician attendances to which no other item applies
    110 – 133 (11 items)
  • Group A5 – Prolonged Attendances to which no other item applies
    160 – 164 (5 items)
  • Group A6 - group therapy
    170 - 172 (3 items)
  • Group A12 – Consultant Occupational Physician Attendances to Which no other item applies
    384 – 389 (6 items)
  • Group A13 – Public Health Physician Attendances to which no other item applies
    410 – 417 (8 items)
  • Group A15 - GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, Multidisciplinary Care Plans
    820 – 838, 871, 872, 880 (15 items)
  • Group A24 – Pain and Palliative Medicine
    2799 – 3093 (40 items)
  • Group A26 – Neurosurgery Attendances to which no other item applies
    6004 – 6016 (7 items)
  • Group A28 – Geriatric Medicine
    141 – 149 (5 items)
  • Group A29 – Early Intervention Services for Children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Disability
    135 – 137 (2 items)


  • Prof Anthony Lawler (co-Chair) – Emergency Physician; Chief Medical Officer in Tasmania; Past President of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
  • Dr Philip Truskett (co-Chair) – General surgeon at Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney
  • Dr Paul Blackman – Sports and exercise physician, Olympic Park Sports Centre Medicine
  • Prof Derek Chew – Director of Cardiology, Flinders Medical Centre and academic at Flinders University; Committee member of the Cardiac Services Clinical Committee
  • Dr Julie Thompson – General practitioner in Victoria
  • Dr Katie Ellard – Gastroenterologist, private practice; Committee member of the Gastroenterology Clinical Committee
  • Prof Elizabeth Elliott – Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health University of Sydney; Consultant Paediatrician (clinical Academic) Children’s Hospital Westmead
  • Mr Adam Friederich – Consumer representative
  • Dr Chris Hayes – Director of Hunter Integrated Pain Service, John Hunter Hhospital; Immediate past Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists; Chair of the Pain Management Clinical Committee
  • Dr Eleanor Chew – General practitioner in Brisbane; Taskforce Member and Committee Member of the Principles and Rules Committee and the General Practice and Primary Care Clinical Committee
  • Dr John North – Senior visiting orthopaedic surgeon, Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane; Chair of the Orthopaedics Clinical Committee
  • Prof Nick Talley – Senior specialist gastroenterologist at John Hunter Hospital; Taskforce Member
  • Prof David Story – Professor and Chair of Anaesthesia, the University of Melbourne; Committee Member of the Urology Clinical Committee
  • Prof David Watters OBE – General and Endocrine Surgeon, University Hospital Geelong; Chair of General Surgery Clinical Committee
  • Dr Robert Carroll – Nephrologist, University of Adelaide
  • Prof Graeme Samuels AC – Professional Fellow, Monash University’s Business School and School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine
  • Ms Debra Kay PSM – Consumer representative, Chair of MBS Review Consumer Panel and Committee member of the Principles and Rules Committee

Meeting dates