Recovery of Course-Funding Amount for 2016 or Later

This page provides information about the recovery of course funding amount by year for the BMP Scheme for participants who joined in 2016 or later

Page last updated: 15 November 2016

If you fail to fulfil your obligations in your Deed of Agreement (DoA) with the Australian Government, you will be in breach of your Agreement. BMP participants will need to check their individual DoA to determine the breach conditions and repayment requirements.

For BMP participants who signed a DoA in or after 2016 the following table provides the repayment figures for participants who breach their agreement after completing their degree and without having completed their Return of Service Period. The figures below apply to each year you attended medical school. Note that interest may be applied and you may receive credit for any Return of Service Period component completed.

Repayment Figures:

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